Thursday, May 12, 2016

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How to switch a custom Blogger domain from http to https

Google recently upgraded all blogspot domains to HTTPS which means that <your-blog> is now automatically redirected to https://<your-blog> This is a neat feature considering the security aspects, the only problem is that for custom domain names, this 'free upgrade' from Google is not available. More precisely, if you had bought a custom domain name and pointed that to <your-blog>, the automatic https redirect will not work.

To work around this, CloudFlare comes to the rescue. CloudFlare acts as a reverse proxy between your visitors and your website which means that an encrypted channel can now be established between the visitor and ClourFlare's servers delivering your content. The only change required to do this is to create a free account with CloudFlare and change your domain's DNS entries to point to CloudFlare nameservers.

So, in order to move your custom Blogger domain to https you will need to do the following steps:

  1. Create a new free account with CloudFlare (all free plans include SSL support)
  2. Add your domain by clicking 'Add site' and following the steps
  3. Contact your domain registrar (or use the provided admin console) to update the name servers entries for your domain. This might look like an advanced operation but is really quite simple. The purpose of this operation is to change the NS (name server) URL entries to point to CloudFlare's servers. The exact URLs for the new name servers will be shown in the CloudFlare's instructions for this step. In my case they were: and Once you do this, you can click 'Recheck nameservers' in the CloudFlare's site page and an email will be sent to you once the nameserver changes are propagated. This operation requires around 24h though in my case it took only a few hours. When everything is ready you will see that your site will be seen as 'Active'.
  4. Add rules for redirecting http requests to https. This step is only required if you want your users to be redirected automatically to the https version of your site if they requested the http one. To do this, you need to go into CloudFlare, on your domain's page, then Page Rules -> Create Page Rule. From there, enter your domain as shown in the example and make sure you add the setting for 'Always use HTTP'. Do the same if you have sub-domains active.
That's it. You are good to go. 


  1. Is it o to shif our blog to third party website. I visited this website to know if any knoledge bout how to shift my Indian Government Job Blog but I am afraid this method described in this blog posts here is not appropriate. Can any one tell me other way or i should wait till the Google comes up with an option to bring HTTPS to custom domains.

    1. Google already offers this possibility but you will need to provide (buy) your own CA certificate.

  2. Hi Akin! Awesome article here. Thanks for sharing this, now my site is on https.