Sunday, December 7, 2014

How to replace a broken screen on the Oppo Find 5

thumbI managed to drop my phone by accidentally pushing it out of my jacket's pocket and even if I had it in the 'Easy Cover' thingy from Oppo, the damn thing opened up on it's way to the ground leaving the screen completely exposed. The result can be seen on the right.

I did some research on the Oppo forums and here are the options for getting the phone fixed:

  1. Send it to OppoStyle (if you bought the phone from them) and have the screen replaced for 160EUR. This means you will need to send it by courier and wait for about a month to get it back.
  2. A better option involving OppoStyle is to ask for a buy-back which means you can trade your phone plus a cash difference for a new Oppo Find 7 or similiar (Find5's are not produced anymore so you cannot get a new one this way). At the time of this article, OppoStyle had the following deal: the broken phone + 160EUR (the repair) + 199EUR (cash difference) for a new Oppo Find 7 which costs around 480EUR. This means your broken phone would be worth around 120EUR. (Note: You can get the same deal for a Find 7a by paying a 99EUR cash difference)
  3. Buy the screen online and replace it yourself. There are lots of replacement screens available on ebay, all coming from China, but beware that the quality may vary dramatically - some screens are 1024x600 resolution which is far from the original 1920x1080, so make sure you ask the seller what resolution is the screen before buying. I bought mine from here and even though the seller was top notch, the screen is far from perfect. I'll show you why later on.

If you decide to replace the screen yourself, I highly recommend checking this video:

Before starting this operation, have the right tools for the job. I got mine with the replacement screen but not all sellers send them out.

Also, make sure you stick enough double sided tape in the lower part of the screen because I didn't and it kinda sticks out just a little as you can see from this picture.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, the screen is far from perfect, more precisely it has dead-like pixels in a matrix formation on the whole surface of the screen.  I had to modify the brightness and contract of the image in order to make them stand out, but you get the idea. They are quite unnoticeable on white backgrounds and in colored ones you cannot spot them at all. I cannot say they are dead pixels because as I remember that those stick out with any color on the screen. Well, I guess there is a small price to pay for getting the job done with only 40 EUR.

If you have any question, feel free to drop them in the comments below.