Saturday, March 22, 2014

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DSC light always on after battery was removed

Some time ago the battery on my 06' Mazda MX5 died and I had to replace it. After I installed the new one, I noticed that the light for the DSC was always on and I became a little worried as from what I remembered it could have indicated a failure in the braking system. I searched the Internet long and hard and the solution came from a "no-name" forum on a far away page of a Google search.
The ESP light was ON even when the engine was running
It seems that when you take the power down, the computer needs to recalibrate the DSC and signals this by leaving the light always on. To calibrate it you need to do the following: while the engine is running and the car is stationary, do a full steering wheel turn to the right and then to the left. After you stop the car and start it back up again, the DSC light should disappear.

As I don't use my car in the winter time and I remove the battery throughout the winter, I am faced with this issue each year and it always works, so if it doesn't for you, then maybe it's better you see a professional.

I hope this blog post saves you the trouble I went through when I first had this issue.

P.S. It might be the case that the DSC OFF light stays on also. In this case you will need to put in reverse and restart.


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